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Commercial Property & Asset Management

About TRUE Commercial Property & Asset Management

TRUE Commercial has a team dedicated to solving complex commercial management problems providing real estate owners and investors the peace of mind that their assets are in good hands. Professional management is the investment for your commercial property which should not be overlooked. Here are a couple points about our program that we want to emphasize.

  • Utilizing long-term forecasting tools and comprehensive value creation analysis, TRUE provides a purpose-driven approach to value creation and sustainability, including financing, capital expenditures, Hold vs. Sale analysis, and much more.

  • We value transparency and effective communication with owners/investors. 

  • Our Owner Reporting System & Methods incorporate both financial and non-financial management tools, and allow owners/investors to stay informed about property activity without being overwhelmed by tasks and property-related issues. 

  • We believe in direct interface with tenants and vendors to ensure compliance of lease obligations, vendor accountability, and to seek win-win scenarios for all parties. 

  • TRUE Commercial’s approach, tools, and methods provide a truly holistic Commercial Property & Asset Management experience, fostering effective oversight of day-to-day operations and long-term planning and strategy. 

Services Available

We will develop a customized service plan to fit your commercial property management needs, that can include the following services:

Accounting Services

  • Collection of all rent and additional rent in accordance to Tenant Leases.

  • Payment of all property related bills and invoices in accordance to the Operating Budget.


Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Reconciliations

  • Reconciling Tenant’s CAM/Tax accounts in accordance to their Leases and performing a comprehensive review of each Tenants account to ensure minimal leakage.


Lease Administration

  • Comprehensive review and analysis of all Tenant Leases to ensure that all Tenants are abiding by their Leases, identifying options and call-up dates for renewals, and ensuring the maximum amount of protection for the Landlord.


Vendor Coordination

  • Coordinating vendors on on-site work and soliciting vendor proposals for Ownership review.

Annual Reporting and Tax Preparation

  • Providing complete annual reports for use with Tax Preparation including identifying Mortgage Interest and Principal, Distributions to Ownership Entity, and Income & Cash-flow Statements.

  • Coordination with Tax Preparer for the Ownership Entity.

  • Additional tax services include 1099 generation for vendors and 1099/1096 generation for the IRS.


24 Hour Emergency Contact for Property & Tenant Issues

  • TRUE Commercial will be the main point of contact for any and all property and tenant issues that might arise.


Long-term Forecasting & Value Creation Analysis

The purpose of this is to prepare the property for an eventual refinance or sale and ensure:

  • The property has achieved maximum value and the owners have limited risk for inserting new capital and the highest opportunity to extract capital for reinvestment.

  • Occupancy and CapEx risk exposure are mitigated with strategic plans in place for sustainability of the asset.

  • Plan for capital improvement expenses to ensure that funds are available for capital improvements.

Why Choose TRUE?

Commercial real estate is a rapidly evolving industry involving new technologies, strategies, and players. For investors, business leaders, or public officials, the opportunity to use commercial real estate strategically and sustainably has never been greater. There are new and limitless information sources and methods of analysis to engage prospects, mitigate risk, and build confidence. When paired with industry and market professionals, these tools become difference makers, value drivers providing unique insight to our marketplace, and opportunities for our clients. We believe that in today’s market, that is what a TRUE commercial real estate firm should be doing. . .

. . .This is TRUE Commercial Real Estate.

At TRUE, our approach is highly consultative, adding client value through a unique blend of industry experience, comprehensive data, and market and financial analytics. Our clients benefits through the use of dynamic proforma with simulated forecasting and statistical inference, deep dives into the world of demographics and geospatial analysis, and site advisory services, developing custom location intelligence using their own data.

The TRUE Commercial Property & Asset Management Team

TRUE Commercial Real Estate brings a wide array of experience in commercial real estate brokerage, property management, development and finance. This breadth and depth of experience provides the highest level of professional service to our clients, effectively navigates and assists communications and interactions with municipalities and other officials at all levels and produces results.

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Blaze Cambruzzi

Partner, Property &

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