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Brokerage Services

While TRUE provides typical commercial real estate sales and leasing services, we offer and deploy analytic, financial and geospatial tools and resources throughout all stages of the client experience. For our brokerage clients, these value-added tools and services are complementary (free on board) and provide market, demographic, rate and demand analyses. Essential tools to site advisory services and analytics, we use these tools and others to support and participate with individuals, investors and project teams in discussions with municipalities and other constituencies.

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Property & Asset Management

Promoting efficient property operations, tenancy management, and asset value retention, TRUE provides a full cadre of effective property/facility and asset management capabilities to its service offerings. From Facilities Management and Maintenance to Tenant Management to Accounting and Budgeting, we work with property owners to effectively manage the physical plant, and improve financial performance by minimizing cost leakage and improving recoverable expenses.


The engine behind our work includes a carefully selected web-based software package, offering a full-service property management information portal including a full array of property and facilities management modules. From lease administration, vendor management, accounting and G/L processing and financial reporting, to tenancy analytics, budgeting and forecasting, remote access, tenant and owner portals, it serves as our primary budgeting and reporting tool to ownership.

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Consulting Services

The TRUE data and analytical platform and our service model is adaptable to clients and uses both in and out of commercial real estate. Geospatial tools provide access to an almost endless supply of census block, psychographic and demographic data, in multiple strata, allowing us to take deep data dives to learn more about markets and the competitive market, demand, consumer spending…the list of possibilities goes on and on. Our ability to aggregate this data to support decision-making across multiple industries makes us TRUE-ly unique. Moreover, given our ability to utilize these tools and capabilities for our clients, whether they be on the brokerage or consulting side of our business, we consider ourselves a Professional Services firm within Commercial Real Estate.

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